About Daggerwing

The Daggerwing Group, operating in New York and Toronto, is an applied marketing consultancy within Omnicom Group (NYSE-OMC).

Since 1999, Daggerwing has helped senior executives from many leading global brands make decisions, set priorities and take action to significantly change how the total enterprise engages with its customers.

Daggerwing is a bridge between a client’s business strategy across all function areas – and its advertising, sales and marketing investment.

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  • Broad Industry Expertise

    Daggerwing has developed effective ways of helping management challenges across multiple B2B and B2C industries for Fortune 500 clients.

  • Rapid Assessment

    Clients appreciate Daggerwing’s codified discovery process to rapidly identify challenges, business risk and major opportunities.

  • Established Accountability

    Real change requires agreement on priorities and assignment of accountability among executives. Daggerwing helps build accountability into planning.

  • Customer First Orientation

    All solutions depend on changing customer behavior. Daggerwing uses proven methods to identify customer engagement gaps undermining corporate performance.

  • Results – Focused Approach

    Rapid results are critical – customers and shareholders won’t wait for change. Daggerwing helps identify where the highest return can be achieved within a client’s existing culture and resources.


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